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Hi! I'm Dana, and over the last 2 years, I have helped women lose fat & build muscle without sacrificing their favorite food, social life, time or happiness so that they can have real balance and feel confident again!


Losing weight doesn't have to suck.


After years of procrastinating to start a healthy lifestyle, I realized it didn't have to be so daunting, time-consuming & tasteless.

I was tired of sacrificing my chocolate every night for abs so I figured out how to eat sweet treats but still lose weight-- WOAH.


I realized I don't have to choose between my social life + sweets or eating healthy + losing weight.


& you don't have to either.


I want to thank Dana for all that she does for me. With her guidance, it's so easy to make this a lifestyle than a "diet". I was trying myself for years, went on a rollercoaster of losing weight, then gaining it back. Now I've learned to make smarter choices while I'm out to eat, plus I get to have tacos, sushi, & ice cream lol!

 Kaylee C.


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