Eating healthy is for EVERYONE-- no matter your schedule, motivation, experience level or food preference. & in this Masterclass, I'm going to teach you how!



DATE: Monday, July 15th, 2019

TIME: 7:30-9:00pm ET

LOCATION: Online; Replay & Workbook sent to email post-masterclass




  • Busy moms or career women who...

    • Struggle with overwhelm because they have no time or lack motivation to eat healthy

    • Are confused about what to eat or buy in order to lose weight & keep it off

    • Feel anxious or annoyed about going to the grocery store & spend waaay too much money at the grocery store

    • Are not sure how to fit eating healthy with their schedule & feel like you don’t have enough hours in a day

    • Sick of eating the same ole thing for lunch & dinner

    • Don’t want to give up your favorite foods

    • Buy the healthy foods but still don’t know what to make for dinner




You'll learn...

  • How to eat healthy & get motivated to cook healthy meals with ease

  • How to plan & cook healthy meals so that it lines up with your goals, schedule, and food preferences without spending over 2 hours in a kitchen on a Sunday afternoon

  • The most efficient way to write a grocery list & how to grocery shop so you stay on track with your weight loss goals without wasting time, money or energy

  • The tools & techniques I use for effective and efficient, healthy cooking for the entire week

  • My signature Step by Step System so you can recreate the magic every week

  • How to make cooking and prepping fun!

  • How easy & attainable it is to cook healthy meals without feeling overwhelmed and change your entire lifestyle

  • How to stay consistent and stick to your nutrition without wasting food or money

  • How to cook different, creative recipes whether this is new to you or you're a seasoned fit-babe




  • One Live 90-minute masterclass ONLINE that will be recorded and sent to your email whether or not you can make it to the main event

  • My complete step-by-step system for meal planning, grocery shopping, cooking, & packaging your meals

  • A full Meal Prep Guide + Workbook so that you can recreate this healthy eating system week after week for easy, healthy meal prep!

  • Healthy recipes that you can reference forever

  • Weekly meal planning template

  • Complete healthy eating grocery list



*There are only 30 spots open for this masterclass and will be on a first come, first serve basis.