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3 Reasons You’re Not Losing Fat

Have you ever felt like you’ve tried EVERYTHING to shed fat? Or maybe you stick to the program, but you see no results? UGH, I’ve totally been there and it’s so stinking frustrating when you put in the work and feel like you’re getting nowhere!

*It’s important to note that losing weight and losing fat are 2 very different outcomes.

>> today we’re focusing on fat cuz weight doesn’t determine how good we look or how good of person we are… FACTS. I weigh the heaviest I’ve ever weighed and have never felt better.

In this blog post I will go over the 3 reasons why you're not losing fat and what you can do to change it.

Why You're Not Losing Weight Reason #1: You've Set Unrealistic Expectations

I used to do this regularly and especially coaching dozens of women, I see it all the time— We set unrealistic expectations of ourselves. We literally go from 0 to 100.

START: I workout 0 days a week, barely eat through the day, and eat kinda, sorta healthy, sometimes.

END: I’m gonna lose 40 pounds, go to the gym 5 days a week, and eat no carbs.

How to fix it? What I’m saying here ISN’T to pick smaller goals (you’re powerful AF and you can do anything if you’re ready to take action), what I am saying IS this— Bridge The Gap.

▪️ Without judgement, take a look at where you are now so that you have a baseline.

▪️ Create a vision of where you want to go: how much you want to lose, how often you want to workout, & any other goals you have.

▪️ Bridge the gap: chunk it down to smaller, more tangible steps so you can accomplish your goals more frequently and build momentum.

Using the last example, the realistic expectation would be:

I'm going to start by working out 3 days a week for 30 minutes a day for 3 weeks. Doesn't that sound much more doable?

Get in a sweaty workout sesh in 30 minutes or less with this free week of workouts.

Why You're Not Losing Weight Reason #2: You're Doing What Sally's Doing

I say it quite often and I don’t think I’ll ever stop—What works for Sally does not mean it’ll work for us. For one, we don’t even know that Sally properly researched her training style or diet. & two, we don’t know Sally’s story or if her method is even reliable and ACTUALLY healthy, not just MAKES YOU LOOK A CERTAIN WAY.

The various factors that go into making a proper, sustainable health program:








Body Fat %

Metabolism rate

Experience level

Personal preferences

& that's not even all of them.

Can you see how impossible it is to have the same exact program as someone else and get the same results? (Unless, by some miracle, you share these exact stats with someone else)

How to fix it? Do yourself a favor, save your time & energy and don’t make the mistake I made by following what worked for someone else. When you’re ready to have a kickass plan that is fully customized to you so that you actually stick to it and shed fat, click here & let’s see if my 90-day program is right for you. It doesn’t cost a single thing & it might be the one thing that’ll change your lifestyle for GOOD.

Why You're Not Losing Weight Reason #3: You're Eating Healthy Foods That Are High Calorie

Healthy foods are not necessarily calorie friendly!

  • Avocados

  • Nut butters

  • Salmon

  • Nuts

  • Coconut oil

All loaded with healthy fats. But there's 2 edges to that sword.

We want healthy fats because they are optimal for brain function, hormonal health, & various other health benefits but they still carry a lot of friggen calories per one serving. So when you think you’re being fit by eating avocado & salmon, remember that those calories add up.

How to fix it? Learn the serving sizes and nutrition facts of your favorite healthy foods. I was shocked as heck when I did this for the first time.

Here you'll see that I tracked a medium avocado (about 130 grams of avocado) with the app MyFitnessPal. Note the fat content...

Again, not inherently bad, but it's clear how easily the calories add up.

Not sure how much is too much? There isn't one answer & depends on all the variables mentioned above. Your best bet: Hire a mentor or coach that can customize that for you or do some really heavy researching.

There ya have it, 3 reasons why you're not losing fat & what you can do to fix them: Set realistic expectations, hire an expert to customize a plan for your specific body, & start tracking your food. Now obviously there are more than just 3 reasons why you might be stuck at a certain physique & I'd love to share them with you, so let me know if you want to see a part 2!!


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Bookmark this blog post, go back and deep dive into it while implementing, and if you have ANY questions, feel free to hop into my free fitness & wellness community to ask or email me (danadeefitness@gmail.com).

I want to hear from you! Which of these have you been guilty of doing? I'm not gonna lie... I've made all these mistakes

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