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6 Realistic, Daily Habits to Improve Your Health

Let me guess-- you want to lose weight, tone up & feel confident in your skin but you don’t know where to start, right? I get it! When I first started exercising and eating healthier, I quickly noticed that the resources were ENDLESS. Sounds really helpful BUT it wasn’t. I was paralyzed with information to the point of INACTION.

So in this blog post, I’m going to break down 6 practical (and proven) strategies that you should be implementing today to sustain fat loss, feel more energized, and become a healthier, strong woman without feeling overwhelmed or confused.

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NOTE: Through the years we hear or read “facts” about health & wellness that we believe to be true. It’s important to remember to question the source & do your own research. Ask yourself: Did I read that on FB or Pinterest headline or was it an article and in a well-reputed health journal? As you read through these habits, the KEY here is to keep it Simple. Don’t overwhelm yourself with the How and just do it.

Realistic, Daily Habit to Improve Your Health #1: Drink Water Consistently

I know, I know. We hear it all the time, drink a lot of water. Low energy? Drink water. Want to lose weight? Drink water. Tired? Drink water. Heartbroken? Drink water. Lol.

All jokes aside, it’s true! You can read more about the research studies on drinking water, hydration and health here. All research aside, this is one of the easiest healthy habits to implement.

You don’t have to change your life, it’s affordable and it takes no time. How much water are you drinking now? Increase that number by 15 ounces every week until you get to .5- 1x your body weight in pounds.

Buy yourself a cute water bottle like this one or this one, set a reminder on your phone, & drink up!

Realistic, Daily Habit to Improve Your Health #2: Eat a Fruit or Veggie w/ Every Meal

Easy enough, right? This is another habit that has countless research on it but in other words, adding more fruit and veggies will help you stay fuller, longer, increase your vitamin/ mineral intake, + aid in fat loss.

Don’t worry about which ones you heard is high in calories or not good for you. If it comes from the earth and is in it’s natural state, eat it. If it doesn't, don’t. Boom. KEEP IT SIMPLE.

*Here are some on-the-go produce options for my busy women/ moms out there: apples, bananas, oranges, clementines, grapes, carrots, broccoli florets, snap peas, mini peppers, & grape tomatoes.

So any time you sit down for a meal or eat a quick snack, do a quick veggie / fruit check.

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Realistic, Daily Habit to Improve Your Health #3: Move Your Body For At Least 30 Minutes

Move your body daily. Not just cuz hashtag health, hashtag fitness, hashtag abs. But because it’s good for your health! “Duh, Dana.” But think about it-- sometimes we’re so caught up in how we’re gonna look as a result of exercising that we often forget how important it is for our internal and external health: mind, body, soul.

The best thing about adding a habit of movement is that there are hundreds of way to do it! It doesn’t matter how, all that matters is that you move your boddd. Below are some of my favorite ways to move my body. Note: I don’t do each of these all the time. I go through different seasons of exercise & change it up as I please.

Strength training, yoga, walking, biking, running, boxing, swimming, circuit training, dancing, playing basketball, & group fitness classes.

Pick your favorite way to move, do it for at least 30 minutes, & remind yourself that movement is one of the healthiest habits you can implement.

Realistic, Daily Habit to Improve Your Health #4: Sleep at Least 6-8 Hours A Night

The amount of hours we sleep literally effects EVERYTHING in our lives. Think about how you feel when you get little to no sleep. Idk about you… but when I’m tired-- you can’t talk to me lol. & we haven’t even touched on all the negative health effects sleep deprivation can cause. You can learn more about sleep deprivation symptoms & effects here.

We’re not only concerned about the hours of sleep you get, but also the QUALITY of sleep. To get a better night’s rest, I would HIGHLY suggest having some sort of bedtime routine. Here are 3 nighttime habits that have changed my life!

Get yourself a good pillow, do a lil bedtime routine, and get those 6-8 hours of sleep in!

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Realistic, Daily Habit to Improve Your Health #5: Feed Your Brain & Soul for At Least 30 Minutes

Feed your brain? Soul? Huh? Yes! Implementing any of the following habits will help you add more presence and positivity in your life. Plus a whole bunch of other incredible life-changing effects. I’d need an entire blog post to explain. In other words, these habits have changed my entire outlook on life. & that’s a BIG FRIGGEN DEAL.

Here are some of my favorite, life-changing mindset habits: meditation, journal practice, reading self-development books, using essential oils, taking a bubble bath, any spa-like activity, being in nature, listening to a meaningful podcast, & reviewing your monthly/ yearly goals.

Realistic, Daily Habit to Improve Your Health #6: Plan It Out

Planning my day has saved me so much energy and brain space to think about other things besides for my to-do list. Plan out what your day is going to look like the night before or the morning of. I usually plan and review the following daily:

Schedule: work, workout, family time, meal times

Top 3: the three most important tasks I want to complete

Meals: a general idea of what I’m going to eat for at least my main meals-- breakfast, lunch, dinner. More on effective meal planning & prepping in the next blog post, but for now, here’s an example of what a full day of eating looks like for me.

Habits: use the daily habits checklist below to make sure you stay on track. Who doesn’t love checking things off??….. If you don’t, I’m REAAALLY questioning our friendship right now.

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I hope these tips helped simplify health for you. Living a healthy lifestyle comes down to 6 Simple Habits-- drink water, eat a fruit/ veg with each meal, exercise for 30 mins., sleep for 6-8 hours, feed your brain + soul, and plan it out.

Prioritizing these 6 habits will not only help you build a strong foundation to sustain fat loss, but you’ll also feel energized & confident in the fact that you ARE doing enough & to the best of your ability. No matter how healthy or athletic you are, these 6 habits are actions you can always rely on to make you feel and look like the best version of yourself.

Tell me about you! Do you struggle with information overload? Which one of these daily habits will you commit to?

Dana Dee | Health & Wellness Coach


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