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How To Lose Weight With A Busy Schedule

We all know this, but I’ll say it just so we’re clear: Having a workout and nutrition plan in place is CRUCIAL for losing weight. No ifs, ands, or buts, don’t fight me on this.

BUT the biggest problem I see when it comes to losing weight is that when it comes time to pick a health and fitness program, people choose one that doesn’t fit them.

In this blog post, you’ll figure out exactly how to find a program that best fits you.

I’ve seen it many times, heck… I’ve done it numerous times. But how many of you have picked a diet or workout program that worked for SOMEONE ELSE? & in your head you’re like… “This worked for Susan, she lost 20 pounds, I’m gonna try it too!”

Well here’s the truth, friends: it doesn’t work like that… I always like to say, everybody and EVERY body are DIFFERENT (notes the space between that last one). Just because something worked for someone else, doesn’t mean it’ll work for me or you.

Think about it like this:

You’re at Nordstrom looking for the perfect outfit to wear for a night out with your girls. You spot the prettiest shirt, so you start searching for your size. Then you realize that the shirt is one size fits all. TELL ME YOU DON’T GET BUMMED OUT. Based on what you know about clothing that “fits all”, you’re pretty skeptical about the sizing of the shirt, most likely leaving it on the hanger without even trying it on. Sure, it might fit you. But chances are that it might be too loose, too tight, unflattering, etc. This shirt might fit you, but it might not fit your friend. & vice versa.



Let’s be honest— clothes that are “one size fits all” do NOT fit all & we have to have that approach with our wellness. Just because your friend Sally found success with one diet, does NOT mean that it’s right for you or that it was actually healthy and sustainable.

As a health & fitness coach, I strongly believe that there is not one approach to dieting that is right for everyone: low carb, paleo, 21-day fix, counting calories, keto, vegan, weight watchers, whole 30, and on and on.

The same thing goes with moving our bodies: running, walking, kickboxing, bodybuilding, strength training, yoga, pilates, home workouts, etc.

So how do you figure out what works for your body and schedule?

Let’s hop into the 3 questions to ask yourself when finding the most perfect, effective workout program and nutrition plan (which btw, are 2 things you need if you want to accomplish fat loss and can’t figure out how):

1. What will I actually ENJOY doing?

Yes, working out and eating healthy isn’t always going to be sunshine and unicorns, but for the most part, you should be having fun during your workouts and enjoy what you’re fueling your body with --- GASP.

Do you like the flexibility of going out to eat and eating in moderation? Maybe flexible dieting is for you. Do you love the empowering feeling of lifting weights? Maybe you love the convenience and privacy of at home workouts? Are you grossed out by eating too much chicken? Don’t eat chicken!

We often forget that this can be an enjoyable experience so I challenge you to search for something that lights up your day and makes you feel empowered. This will make it so much more exciting and motivating to stick your goals for losing weight!

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2. What will be most convenient for me so that I can actually commit to losing weight?

Everyone’s schedule is so different! Some women have children, some are in school, some have full-time careers AND children. When we’re looking for the perfect program, we MUST keep this in mind. This will make or break the success of your weight loss.

Plan out your week in your paper or digital planner. First your non-negotiables (work, kids, school, meetings, events) and then notice the open space. This is when you can figure out how much time you can and should devote to working out and eating/cooking.

Example scenarios:

• If you’re a busy woman, then a personal trainer at the gym might not be the best fit for you, considering you have to drive to the gym and make appointments based on SOMEONE ELSE’S schedule.

• If you’re a stay-at-home mom, then maybe 30 minutes of an at-home workout is all you can commit to.

• If you workout 0 times a week, then will it be convenient for you to workout 5 times a week?

• If you’re busy through the week, then is it realistic for you to cook at home for every meal, or should you practice meal prepping once or twice a week?

We have to pay attention to these seemingly small details because this will change everything when it comes to actually stick to a program!

P.s. We’ll get more into planning out our lives in next week’s blog post. In the meantime, check out this free fat loss workout program to lose weight in under 30 minutes a day HERE.

3. Is this too easy or too challenging for me?

There are some health and fitness programs that I’ve done just because I knew that they would be easy for me. I was basically letting myself off the hook. But then on the other side of the spectrum, I’ve gone through programs where I legit thought I was gonna faint or give up.

Our bodies can handle more than we think, but at the same time, we wanna be respectful and loving of our bodies so it’s important to find the perfect balance when it comes to the difficulty of the program.

Ask yourself these questions:

Are my workouts too hard?

Am I letting myself off the hook?

Am I challenging myself enough?

Is keeping up with this diet a burden?

Am I choosing this diet because it’s easy?

Is it healthy for my body to do 2-a-days at the gym, 6 times a week?

Am I choosing this program because it allows me to stay in my comfort zone?

Get real with yourself and listen to your intuition when answering these questions… you KNOW when something doesn’t feel right or when you’re giving up just cuz you’re being lazy. Also, this takes trial and error. You’ll never know until you try. Keep what works, throw out what doesn’t, & stick to it. You can always change it after you gain some momentum.

I get it, finding the right program for you & losing weight can be challenging, but it doesn’t have to be! Answer the questions, and you’ll see that there are effective programs that you will actually have fun doing, is convenient for your schedule, and provides kick-ass results so that you feel like the program is tailored for you.


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Bookmark this blog post, go back and deep dive into it while implementing, and if you have ANY questions, feel free to hop into my free fitness & wellness community to ask or email me (danadeefitness@gmail.com).

Tell me about you! Do you struggle with finding a program you can stick to?

Which of these questions resonates with you the most?

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