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My Top 3 Secrets to Help You Lose Weight & Keep it Off

How the heck do you lose weight and keep it off?! I get this question all the time.

New year, new you, right??? At the beginning of the year, we get so motivated to start a healthy lifestyle. We stay strong for 2 weeks and not only do we lose weight, but we also feel energetic and balanced and so stinkin’ healthy!

But then something happens: insert >> wedding, fun weekend, friends birthday party, work event, etc.

Sometimes we’re just not sure how to handle those situations while staying healthy, so we eat waaay more than we intended and drink waaay more than we thought.

Basically, we “fall off”.

We go back to our pre-weight loss ways, gain back the weight (maybe some more), and feel absolutely crappy about ourselves.

GIRL... I feel you! This back-and-forth, on-again-off-again diet used to get me so down! I started to see progress but then it wouldn't last.

This is such a common struggle we have when we’re trying to lose weight… we can lose the weight, but we have a challenging time keeping it off.

So instead of overwhelming you with 50 habits to accomplish sustainable weight loss, I’m going to provide with 3 simple strategies that you can use to lose weight the right way so you can keep it off for good & live a energetic, high-vibe life.

Let’s Get Into My Top 3 Secrets to Help You Lose Weight & Keep It Off.

Secret #1 to Lose Weight & KEEP IT OFF: Move Yo Body 3-5x a Week Because You Love Yoself!

I’m sure you saw this coming but cmon…

Our bodies go through whole lotta adventures through the day & we can easily forget to give it some lovin’. Think about your daily grind: Looking down at your tech, sitting in funny positions, walking in shoes that are most likely fashionable & unsupportive, drinking on the weekends, & can I just say… periods. You get the idea… our bodies crave movement, flexibility, & energy!

Don’t get me wrong, physical results are motivating as heck, but we gotta dig a little deeper if we’re gonna make this stick.

Empowering reasons (other than physical results) to support your body through movement:

• Lifts your mood 😁 • Boosts mental health☀️ • Helps prevent strokes • Improves joint function 💃🏻 • Lowers high blood pressure 💥 • Increases longevity 👵🏼 • Sharpens your memory ✍🏼 • Strengthens your bones, heart, + brain 💗 • Increases sex drive 👫 • Increases energy & endurance 🕺🏻

I mean if this didn’t convince you to move your body… well… it convinced me lol

Okay, okay, so you’re ready to go workout... But now you’re like wait, Dana!! What do I do & how do I do it??

Before I started my journey to a healthy lifestyle, someone would mention working out and I instantly thought of running & a big NO THANK YOU.

But then I was introduced to bodybuilding, yoga, Zumba, at home workouts, etc. & lemme tell ya, that totally opened my eyes.

TRY THIS: In your mind, change your words from - “exercising”- and - “working out”- to “Moving my body because I love it”.

Doesn’t that just put things into perspective for ya?

Those words instantly make me feel better & take the pressure off this big ordeal we make about working out.

We don’t need to go to the gym 6 days a week & do cardio every day to be “fit”.

Try going on short walks, do jumping jacks while your food heats up in the microwave, go up & down the steps twice every hour.

If you want sweaty workouts from home, get my free week of at home workouts HERE.

The point here is: anything is better than nothing. Right?

Move your body 3-5 times a week & remember, as long as you’re MOVING, YOU’RE EXERCISING.

Secret #2 to Lose Weight & KEEP IT OFF: Eat Balanced Meals Often

Questions I Get Regularly:

How many times a day should I eat?

How do I know if I’m eating the right thing?

What’s Keto & should I try it?

I get it, I’ve been there! There are so many styles of eating, how do you know what to try?

But instead of getting overwhelmed with the smaller details, I’m about to make things REALLY simple for you!

Eat 3-5 balanced meals a day.

That’s it.

Now let me explain:

What is considered a balanced meal? A balanced meal or plate has one of each macronutrient:

• lean protein, animal or plant-based

• carbs

• healthy fat

& then I always say add a veggie to get those vitamins, minerals, & fiber in.

Should you eat 3 meals or 5 meals? To me, this comes down to personal preference.

Some questions to think about: Would you rather eat 3 bigger meals or 5 smaller meals? What does your schedule allow for? Do you like bigger meals or would you rather snack all day? Try it for a few days and see how it works for you. You can always change it around until it feels comfortable for you.

Let’s stop overcomplicating healthy eating when it can be so simple… 3 to 5 balanced meals a day and you’re on the road to sustainable, healthy, fat loss.

Secret #3 to Lose Weight & KEEP IT OFF: Love on Yourself Daily!

Self-care is essential for weight loss. It helps keep our mind right when all we wanna do is quit. There are hundreds of healthy habits out there &.. I guess this is a good problem to have lol but it can get super overwhelming.

My advice for you is this: We don’t need to do everything self-care to be successful & lose weight. Choose 2 habits from my healthy habits ebook and commit to those for the next 3-4 weeks. This’ll help you become an expert at this habit, plus it’ll help release the overwhelm of having to do everything at once. Grab your Complete Guide to Healthy Habits HERE & use the weekly progress tracker inside. You'll also love THIS Morning Routine Checklist, IT’S A GAME CHANGER!!

After you’ve become an expert at one habit, keep adding them into your days or weeks & you’ll see that you’ll feel lighter (physically and mentally).

All in all, these tips will help you create a healthy lifestyle for yourself. Losing weight & keeping it off can be a challenging task, but it doesn’t have to be! Take it step-by-step, day-by-day, and you’ll see that you don’t have to sacrifice fun events & making memories with your family & friends.

Bookmark this blog post, go back and deep dive into it while implementing, and if you have ANY questions, feel free to hop into my free fitness & wellness community to ask or email me (danadeefitness@gmail.com).


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Tell me about you! Do you struggle with losing weight & keeping it off?

Which of these tips will you implement?

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